Monday, April 1, 2013

The Human Project

Here are lyrics to an upcoming song I haven't even recorded yet!


I have known truth, gems eternal in my breath
but the fog settles; I forget, we forget.
If we can’t heal separation, that holy thread,
then take away mind and body, who is left?

14 billion years brings matter alive--
curiosity incarnate, with awe we shine.
But with delicate desire, tears pool heavy inside;
from creator to creature we yearn for the divine.
The shade over our eyes is a blessing in disguise;
the fog is the scaffolding of the human project.

Anxiety wrinkles and cracks in the crust;
O if I could only trust!
I want to be whole, like before the universe got ripped.
No longer can I live like this.

Society pressures the true self to stay hidden.
But if you want heaven, stop forcing it forcing it;
shatter yourself to let the light pierce in,
shatter yourself to let the light pierce in.

You are I are me and we but they are you are we and free but are you. Free…

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