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Hey you - what do you think your life is for?
Hey you - this fight’s not what you signed up for, BUT!
If you’re not a white cis man, beware the rich ones grow.
All the white cis men, [are] scared to give up control.

If you’re tired of inhumanity and rage  
Stand up, stand up, cuz this can’t wait.
If you’re tired of reactions of racism and hate
Let’s make plans, let’s demand change!
Verse 1
We don’t need  more business people.
Need healers and a system for making things equal.
This shit has gone too far, I’m pissed and want new cards,     
This vicious religion game is  much too harsh.

Immigrant kids split from the mix,
What do we do when our politics are sick?
With so much to lose, we have to band together,      Stand
[Stand] together on this earth, creating something better.

Verse 2
What do we do when the peace and love are through,
What do we do when alone I can’t get through
What do we do when we stumble cuz it’s new,
Our voting was corrupted and we’re stuck with a coup

Our country has been stolen by dangerous men.
Only some have woken to this insane threat.
All the white faces support because of fear, and
Financial promises held so dear.

They came for the Muslims; you didn’t help.
They came for the blacks; you only thought of yourself.
They came for the queers; you hid yourself well.
But when they came for you, no one was left to help.   
Verse 3
We’re all bribed by denial, like “Oh, it’s fine,
a reaction to the times! All things pass by!” but
this is different, no small thing, a far cry,
rights falling right before our eyes.

Our lives are at stake when they decide our fate.
every gripe they make, they find us to blame.
We deserve better, we deserve better, and we
don’t have time to wait!


Verse 1          
We are only energy----pulsing, burning
We are only energy----twisting, turning...  
And in the heat of the moment, I am freezing, I am screaming.
Repulsions drive us away It breaks and we shatter

Shatter yourself to let the light pierce in,
Shatter yourself to let the light pierce in.

Verse 2                          
14 billion years brings matter alive--
curiosity incarnate, with awe we shine.
Society pressures the true self to stay hidden.
But if you want heaven, stop forcing it stop forcing it;

Verse 3
Creator to creature we yearn for the divine.
The shade over our eyes is a blessing in disguise;
the fog is the scaffolding of the human, of the human

Some day then when I die,
I’m gonna leave this all behind
Some day then when I die,
I’m gonna take your heart with me to the sky
Meeeemories, I’m gonna leave this all behind

Mortaaaaality, I’m gonna take your heart with me to the sky  


In my philosophical quest,
I submit to an endless test:
Tease-and-denial with the Spirit I seek
as a hunter in heat for a Theory of Everything…..  
At least it’s tiny insights I’m fated to chew
rather than one coherent truth,
for if I could grasp all the answers,
human purpose would have no future.
Ever since I emerged from my mother
I got the urge to merge with the “other”             
Behold, your birthright, bones of the earth
Behold, your birthright, bones of the earth 
Endlessly I come to the same conclusion,
despite our differences and confusion.
Each one of us a distinct refraction  
of one light fractal, reflexive passion.
But the realization never gets old
the realization never gets old
True magick isn’t learning new skills,
to gasp and dazzle at novel thrills,
rather the life-affirming satisfaction
re-membering ancient currents long forgotten.
but the realization never gets old
the realization never gets old


Packing to move,
mapping my route,
traveling to the love of my life, down in Santa Cruz!
It’s a California love song, love song, love song

Verse 1
Traffic on the Seventeen, south from San Jose,
can’t wait to be in my baby’s embrace.
Long distance pains my heart so much,
only see each other every few months,
but now I wanna take action, do something for us.
Finances are spent--flying out this September,
trying to remember how I felt when I first met her.
Find something precious, you protect it.

Verse 2
She’s a writer, a survivor, mood ring eyes shine with desire,
Babygirl’s a G cup, her boobs go to eleven.
panther and the scorpion
Kachina, a dream, couldn’t be sweeter
than anything I could think up
So sweet and caring, kinky and daring
Soul touches mind I’m totally alive.
Beauty like sunshine shows we’re one with the divine.

Verse 3
In my twenties I was slutty, played around just for fun.
Now I’m in love cherry blonde girl with long mermaid hair
Take a risk for a gem like this
soul mate, ocean babe, blessed with a kiss.


so this is how the world starts, a lonely woman with a guitar
she creates life with only chords, breathing holy sounds of the one and four
sometimes it’s bad and you don’t care, symptoms of being ontologically impaired
but don’t forget what you are, please don’t forget what you are

Want to carve delineations of the universe's infancy
from when the silent language speeeeeeaks...
and I'll remember the seed whispering in these dreams
whenever I, we go.....

Back to the beginning, back before your birth date, remember what it feels like
oh, breath and death and atoms when you were the ocean,
it is all imprinted in you now
back to beginning, back to the square, back to the place where we’re all so unaware
regain control and feel the sounds, regain control and feel the sounds

back to the beginning, back before the big bang, remember what it feels like
oh, breath and death and atoms when you were the ocean,
it is all imprinted in you now
and this is how the world starts, a lonely woman and a guitar
and this is all she’s really got, just an ancient spirit and a guitar


In 1985, I took a hard dive
born on the south side, Chi-town, happy dad jumping around    
I landed with a smack, my head bruised in the back
from the faaaalll……into this world

Verse 1              
Opened my eyes
in a world so loud and bright.        
Soon forgot why I came here
in the first place.
Daily as a baby I was soul-soaked with love, no I can’t complain.
the goal was to create and I remembered God.   
even though the angels were drifting away

Slowly, slowly, the sky opens up
and I can see the glittering web all around….
Slowly, slowly, I am not alone, because
the universe means one sound…..
See the trees—Spirit’s arms, my arms
See the sea—Spirit’s blood, my blood
See the stars—Spirit’s eyes, my eyes
See you are—Spirit’s heart, my heart…  

Verse 2
Nowadays I take part in society
Wallet stays safe in my guarded tight fist.    
Critical amnesia wanders, soon to be,
I can almost make out my own soul calling me,
I wanna go home, wanna go home…  
palms scraped raw from the wall concrete.
I can no longer hear All-That-Is calling me    
You're already home, you're already home…

Verse 3
I stand in the water, my
head high in the clouds….  
got my bank balance and job,
but can’t wait to go back to God….they say…              
You can come home soon enough baby,
but you gotta stay a little longer…  
Your journey to love and play songs is      

far    from ov     -    er…    


I am not satisfied
This gender was not a contract I signed
It was simply assigned, a mythology of the mind,
and answer you won't find
and if you don't comply, the hateful might decide
that you and your kind must live a lie
but if you decide to survive, not give up and die
you will find it's an important time for you to be alive

You ask why you are here
too queer and tested by fear
but in human evolution
you are the frontier

Angels of a new land
the universe wants to expand, design a new plan
transition beyond the woman and the man
what's your worth,
what purpose do we serve?
I gave birth in reverse, back to the first universe,
before the genders of the earth were tenderly birthed
But now I play the nurse
so the 2 "opposites" can converse.
And I will rehearse this curse until our true selves emerge.

Paving the way
for a new generation to say
our consciousness is the next phase
on the human stage.


I once was proud to call you close friend
Until the Tramadol monster said,
“I will suck the pain right out of your head…”
He hopes his death will finally bring rest
salvation from the stress
But he wastes the rest of his youth

Your lips still kiss the Western myth of oblivion…
When you throw something away,
There is no “away”
No landfill for your pain

presses his tongue against the frosty soda can blues

life without anxiety is saved for the blessed few

O hungry ghost, take my love without rescue,

I see a sad, sweet angel boy peeking out

Slouched in sweat pants on the couch

Lost in the jaws of the monster’s snarling mouth


Young Hephaestus blueprints a violin, 
he scrawls a charcoal map 
while the choir of angels sings
Map the desperate search to know who we are
an angel sings, “Hephaestus,” 
and leans to whisper in his ear

Play us your violin, Give the universes life, 
Let them rest and let them collide
Life means story, for we exist in time
an angel sings, “Hephaestus,” 
and leans to whisper in his ear

Let them rest and let them collide


The reign of the cave is ending
To the ones whose faces are always seen
Give us your life and we’ll let you be
And never forgive yourself 
for the moments you never felt         

I just want to speak plainly for a minute, no fear, no hesitation
There is no need for any shame, ‘cause humans are both sacred and profane
This constant struggle is so vain, but I’m learning new rules to a brand new game
The fear it comes in waves, it comes in waves
Needlessly, needlessly, all you need to do is breathe

Don’t get frightened and run away
You only get dreams for what you pay
Few know we’re not too late to break, 
It all comes in waves, there will be a change

A big meltdown and it’s all so much
The land of traitors, what have they done
I can not take everything it’s got
It all comes in waves, there will be a change


First there was void,
perfect primordial eye,
one sky, god’s mind,
thirsting for its own reflection,
from first to second person;
reality is alive…
Dimensions collide
in bursts of violence,
birthing matter for the first time;
no more silence.
“Third person” arrives,
the physical survives and divides
with consciousness still inside.

As I gaze into your eyes,
Spirit encased in form recognizes
us, one mind,
one song divided
God is within,
the only sin is difference;
with this pill we still instill in our infants—
the ego’s insistence on living within limits.
No need to fear,
we can change things right here!
To save Jesus's repeating prayer,
the main reason for breathing air
is to take love to people you hold dear,
especially enemies you hate and fear.
But the ego sneaks up from the rear,
makes you forsake the nearness of Spirit.
Stay in the present moment; then you'll hear it:
the One Song plays—you're part of the rhythm,
Love without Limits, one eye, one mind.

I am no authority,
please don’t blindly follow me!
Glean from me what you feel is real,
but no need to steal what you read—
think free, plant your own seed,
Reap dreams, teach your own scenes.
We are where beast and divine meet.
To seek relief can only be bittersweet
when human alone cannot be complete.
Fated to compete when we’re on the same team;
underneath the illusion, “one we” breathes.
Believe what you want, this is just one creed—
if you get locked in you may never ever leave.
To keep both feet stuck in just one mentality
would be, ultimately, a real tragedy.


She was the quiet one in the corner, I took my time
Soft calm hand to rest my head against this peaceful crime
The only thing that’s lacking is my trust,
you gotta manipulate in order to be loved      

But is this who I am?
Anything deeper would be too much to ask
This lifestyle’s stringing me out
A distraction, a blissful distraction, stringing me

The inner voice again, drowning me out,
I wish I could scream over it’s faithful shout
You think too much, you talk too much,
what you want, what you want is unattainable.....    

Trying to understand the nature of things
Always looking out never thinking what’s in you’re in me
My heavy head’s waking up slowly, give it time,
The further the reach for desire, the further the climb...... 


You're blissful when you're broken,  you wanna understand
the peace within agony
pulsing holy emotion, bent over to release
a beautiful predator

all around you hear their screams,
sharing transcendental planes,
inhale of the sacred pain
true power came before light
came before human life,
we are full now

you're never just a body, the welts of violent love are
the burn of being alive
like shamans of days of old, bled to feel the worlds unfold
let ecstasy in pain rise


When I became a recluse I was afraid,
that the knowing voice would wash away
I thought all I had, were my wall and Diazepam
no living being could answer what I demand
and in the middle of this haze, got the feeling everyone was making
the same mistake

We're stumbling along, bumping against walls; in every
call in every myth in every culture there's a Fall
In my dreams I see the seam between myself and my
ancestors; I scream and I plead for them to speak
 they whisper in my genes, in the beat within my bloodstream,
an old woman sings me a firm, steady lullaby

Proszę otwierać oczy,
Nie jestem więźniem, nie jestem więźniem
Proszę otwierać oczy,
Nie jestem więźniem, nie jestem więźniem

I'm a mess having taken on this test
You've seen what you can touch; do you want to...see the rest?
People of the earth, rejected from birth, wake up       
Do you want to know the secrets of birth, wake up                                      


If I hear just one more “faggot,”
from an insecure man who’s got a habit
of demanding he’s badass,
I swear I’m gonna gag!
Gonna grab a lit candle and slam his
hetero asshole with the handle.
He’s a sad sack of crap
can’t attract, so he attacks us trans
to mask the fact he’s pathetic trash.
I’ll say it once...I am a faggot!
Like sucking cock is a negative action;
you wouldn’t use the N word, you’d get attacked.
But you say faggot, and people just laugh!

What’s great about the human brain, is it can change.

Your girlfriends tend to split,
so you call all women bitches,
but the common denominator is you,
you missed it!
The human brain can change, no lie,
some don’t care, but a lot of people try,
self growth
ultimately lies inside…
Liberals try to be openminded
but I see considerable lies inside,
blindsided by society’s poison
[it’s] time we find the crimes in our own eyes…
“I’m an ally,” you remind us,
but if it were your own child,
you’d break down
and cry...

My own boyfriend came out as trans,
and I laughed it off.
Maybe too much acid
cuz I couldn’t understand it.
Straddling his ass in bed,
looked him in the eye, and said,
“what if you change into an ugly guy!?!”
I can’t believe I said that attack,
now my gut cramps up so bad.
Literally sick, bullshit’s typical,
I can admit I was a hypocrite,
When it comes down to it, how do we fix this,
itching to find the clues, of humankind’s ruse
What you can do for truth, lose the hatred too,
listen to those not as privileged as you.
The huge taboo, is none of us are immune,
hate ingrained from baby to youth,
Later you come out and the hate is on you.
We miss the truth,
that trans folk are divine too!


Thankful for the blue, wandering the world to find more
Capture in one breath, the voices in my head, they decide what virtue is now

Rise, they say, fight, they say

The muck and the brine it’s a friend of mine, it’s pure
When you hear it you’ll come like someone who wants to hold you tight

Deep down in the sea of happiness it’s only freezing water, and there’s no light

Rise, they say, fight, they say

Gotta live for the slice of the wind, let it rip away the rust and make your head spin ‘round
Your wings might be singed along the way, try to get off on the pain
Can I take a little something with me, I can almost see it breaking free


I didn’t incarnate to waste my sacred days.
It’s not OK that we’re all slaves for pay,
who always obey, and let their dreams all drain away.
Not saying I’m lazy, but I don’t cater to the fake.
I crave a break, I need escape, to create my own fate.
Strangers gaze on my face and mistake me for a girl who’s gay;
gotta remain brave, focus on what I’m able to change.
When your consciousness raises, you’ll be aware of what I say.
Customer service, nothing worse than this.
Fuck this shit, it’s purposeless; the cursed must work to live.
My family doesn’t understand, I can’t pretend to be practical,
trapped by the aspirations of the average folk.
Not with rock star fantasies, lost in part to my heart’s needs.
Scarcity is fear underneath,
and on this earth it reeks of insanity.
Perfect your work ethic-Sir, your purpose is worthless.

Ethic of work is a fallacy;
Test this and flirt with catastrophe.

I feel so different, so weird people can sniff it.
Normal, formal, intellectually poor to conform
But it’s cool to be smart, to have a beautiful heart.
I loved school, college too, not just for its “use,”
but for knowledge as jewels!
Socially awkward, but knew when I grew up,
there must be a few cute dudes who would fuck.
My quiet attitude may seem rude, but it’s not true!
Often when mad I fantasize, a bomb goes off and everyone dies,
and I’m the last one alive…
Damaged when young, fear our foundation,
afterward as adults, self-therapy our vocation.
Soul so sick, I’m about to quit, to bear it all without pills.
To live optimistic, I gotta have music;
this with my girl’s kiss lifts me like Christmas.
I wish we could all give our gifts and fix this sickness.

A graduate of 2008, the game has changed.
Pick a major, stay there, and later you’ll be stable;
no longer true, and we don’t know what to do!
The Recession has us guessing, choosing alternate routes.
So now I’d best invest in what lets me be content,
not rape culture threats bred from lack of consent.
Instead in bed getting pet by my wet girlfriend, better yet,
resting in the present moment before I’m dead.
I still have ambition: goals, focus, and sex-driven,
to actualize my vision as the next rebel musician.
Never gave attention to competition or fear.
Deep down in the soul ground, the spirit sound is clear:
In a meditation session this voice of heaven spoke right through;
I guess this blessing is a lesson, cuz now I know my truth:
Our purpose from birth, my original worth on this earth,

is that I express love into the universe.

YOU ALWAYS KNEW (Remix to Bill Gates)

Verse 1
How can I find sanity in psychopathic society?
and how can I wish peace, in a place so diseased?
Just do you, trust your deepest truth,
within you always knew…
Mainstream is crazy! Save me from these tangled weeds
fake needs don’t faze me, daily pain brings gangrene
Shame these cage free babies, pay me the late fee
Change, please, wait and see, break free!
They call me over sensitive, pensive misfit,
sensual witch with these intellectual gifts
We all know that there is more, to this earth, birth and death,
But we forfeit all we grow for the score of “success.”
And at the end when you look back on your life,
Will you regret or exit full packed and satisfied,
Will you rest having done nothing but attire and acquire,
Or will they remember you for how you give big hugs and inspire?

A million people are wishing
seeking the meaning of truth
A billion, to be tripping
within you always knew...

Verse 2
An 80s baby, but I came up in the 90s,
paradise so easy, financially fine, no worries.
As a child, taught to aspire, to climb higher and higher
To success--suppress the tough stress
Graduated in 2008, recession wave hit like an earthquake
All of our dreams gone down the drain
3 interviews to get a job at Chipotle
If I were you, I’d rob stores and then run away!
I can’t lie, I hate most people,
I have to try, I pray for real,
To act kind, patient, and healing...but     
when I spy human crime my mind aligns with evil
People say, this is how the world works, do it this way,
But I veer astray, limits get thrown out,  while you piss life away,
Cage my anger, shut my eyes, flick the switch, pray
Take the stage, run my lines, kill the sickness, awake!

Verse 3
This pain inside, such a trial to get by.
When my mind is fried, since I as a child,
a hurricane inside, a wild paralyzed.
“You’re a sack of crap with an anxiety attack.
Stand up, don’t slack, you’ll always be alone, that’s a fact.
Fuck, I’m having a panic attack!”
Shut up, I’m done! Just my luck, I’m stuffed with this junk,
voices in the front say I’m not enough, nowhere to run.
Enough, it’s over, case closed but; if I could only trust!
I want to be whole, not like a soul half crushed.
the more opinions, the more ego you got to defend
the more you depend on insecurities so instead,
Let my music fuel the fire of passion under your asses
get up and attack passivity, do some action
Understand we’re one family, in the madness stuck,
If you can, you must, cram this sham with love.

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