Jesse Pikorz, aka Jesse Paradox, is a rock-philosopher of consciousness and spiritual seeker in the frontiers of human experience. Jesse has released two albums, "Frontier," and "Urban Fae," and as well as multiple singles from the soon to be released album, "Gimmick." In 2016 they produced two music videos for singles "Bones 'O Earth" and "Work Ethic." They perform nationally and have been featured on both national and international radio. Jesse also hosts Trans Spirit, a weekly radio show on transgender spirituality, featured on Wild Planet Radio.

With a MA in Consciousness and Transformative Studies from John F. Kennedy University and a BS in Physics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Jesse developed "The Sacred Inferno: A Discussion Group for Consciousness and Sexuality" as the workshop facilitator. Within this project they coordinated and organized workshops, led group meditations, and facilitated group discussions of cooperative inquiry.  

As a cultural innovator in the BDSM world, Jesse created, wrote, and co-hosted "The Kinky Show," a weekly television series providing lectures and discussions on the historical, educational, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of culturally taboo sex practices.

Jesse was a partner in DLH Productions. They created and maintained the site Girls Tied Up Tight, which provided damsels in distress videos. They were involved in production, the marketing, promotion, and modeling, performing primarily for bondage-themed videos for Girls Tied Up Tight. They have  also worked regularly with Eric Cain, MyWifeBound Productions, and Girl Next Door Bondage.

In September of 2009, Jesse was the executive producer and lead musician in "Sacred Pain: The [First] BDSM Musical," which premiered at the Mama Calizo Voice Factory in San Francisco. The show was a cutting edge blend of musical theater and avant-garde performance art; a mixed media performance of BDSM themed content featuring local artists, including world renowned rigger, Lew Rubens. The performance featured live music and  storylines that informed spiritual and philosophical archetypes in straight faced parody of universal themes such as the damsel in distress and the action/adventure genre.

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