Monday, March 25, 2013


Here are the lyrics to an upcoming new song, "Beauty:"


What do you love more than truth?
The taste of stone: petrified youth.
Stay the same so it won’t change;
this is the suffering on the human plane.

Pretty girl, you have the love I want—
How many I’ve fucked, when will it be enough?
Pretty boy, you have the love I want;
I need to be a stud, so, gimme my constructs!

Oh, what a wretched beast;
she has them drooling at her feet.
I am not her, I am not her;
oh, to be an object of wonder!

This is my identity…

Oh, what a wretched beast;
he has them drooling at his feet.
I am not him, I am not him;
to hate oneself is the gravest sin.

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