Monday, March 4, 2013

Another New Song!

 See below for another new song, and stay tuned for an upcoming streaming clip of the song!

Tramadol or The Myth of Oblivion  

I once was proud to call you close friend
Until the Tramadol monster said,
“I will suck the pain right out of your head…”
He hopes his death will finally bring rest
salvation from the stress
But he wastes the rest of his youth

Your lips still kiss the Western myth of oblivion…
When you throw something away,
There is no “away”
No landfill for your pain

presses his tongue against the frosty soda can blues
life without anxiety is saved for the blessed few
O hungry ghost, take my love without rescue,
I see a sad, sweet angel boy peeking out
Slouched in sweat pants on the couch
Lost in the jaws of the monster’s snarling mouth

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