Monday, March 7, 2011

Masochism & Mysticism!

So, I'm thinking of putting together a workshop at the San Francisco Citadel called "The Sacred Inferno." It would be an intense plunge into the depths, splitting into the cracks of the shadow, exploring the energetic, spiritual realms of sexuality through active conversation and contemplation. Each workshop will begin and culminate in a guided inward meditation, and otherwise be a group discussion where we discuss various topics relating to sexuality and spirituality.

"What is consciousness & sexuality?" you may ask!
*Coming to a more integrative understanding of our psychospiritual selves through exploring our sexuality
*Finding healing in the sexual realm
*Learning to engage our sexuality through consciousness expansion & awareness

See, in the BDSM community, there is a vibe of hedonism. People do things for pleasure, but never question why they do the paradoxial pleasure-pain activities we love. Perhaps it's because they have to defend themselves constantly to friends and family who discover their perversions. I think it's time we gather our thoughts and discuss the empowerment and catharsis that arises from our BDSM experiences!

So stay tuned. I will probably start these workshops in April. It'll be a monthly event.

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