Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lewbaricon Approaches!

I sincerely hope that everyone will check out Lew Ruben's hot and awesome bondage workshop, Lewbaricon! Check it out:

The last Lewbaricon I attended was in August, which I helped to organize and coordinate. We held this bondage tutorial workshop in the woods in Sonoma wine country. Gorgeous weather, kinky people, in a cute, funky little camping area out in the woods - it was heaven!

Lew is an excellent instructor. Both articulate and organized, he starts with the very basics, and he doesn't move on to more complex rope ties until every single person in the group has each step down. No one gets left behind. The workshop is a nice environment of learning, socializing with other kinksters, and relaxing. So sign up, and become a rope expert like Lew!

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