Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introducing...Jesse Paradox

Time is shifting, and a new part of my life emerges!

Several years ago I began as a physics undergraduate and bondage model under the name Maya Paradox. Over the years as my life, gender identity, and ideas have evolved, I'm now a transmasculine genderqueer musician, workshop facilitator, academic author, and yes, still modeling, only this time my stage name is Jesse Paradox.

As a graduate student at JFK University, I am pulling my music career together while entering the role of instructor in the intersection of sexuality, gender, and consciousness. I have a new album, Frontier, for sale, as well as an article on genderqueer identity and indigenous ancestry that has been accepted and pending publishing in Witches and Pagans magazine for spring/summer 2013.

This website has morphed into a hub from which one can access all of the media and topics that I'm currently involved in.

So, welcome to the frontier!

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