Saturday, January 15, 2011 Virginity Losing - the Ultimate Publicity Stunt here in San Francisco is the #1 largest bdsm porn company in the world. Today, in exactly one hour, a 21 year old ex co-worker of mine is pulling the ultimate publicity stunt. Claiming that she is a "virgin," even though she has oral and anal sex, she is going to lose her vaginal virginity live on The honors are going to be done by one of three different men who will be voted on when the time comes.

What a brilliant publicity stunt for Kink. They except a record-breaking about of people tuning in to see Nicki get fucked in the pussy for the first time. They have expertly played on the Western fetish and obsession with female "virginity," and have the porn-viewing public foaming with anticipation like rabid dogs.

First of all, due to a falling out with Jack, she has conveniently left out all details of her involvement with Jack and I at Girls Tied Up Tight on her blogs and online bios. I find this entire event fascinating, because of Nicki, her personality, and what I know of her, which is not positive. In fact, because of what I know of her personality and life, I am incredibly disturbed and distraught by her involvement in this stunt. I will not smear her name, however. She is talented at what she does, and this is a brilliant business move for her. I am sure she is getting paid boatloads for this stunt.

Then, there is the issue of millions of men and women drooling over this ritual taking of Nicki's virginity. She is not a virgin. She has had anal and oral. So let's be honest, people! I have a lot more to say on BDSM porn, and the obsession with virginity.

More to come on this, I promise!!!! Please note that my upcoming Memoirs will include the story of Girls Tied Up Tight and my experience with all of these people, who I know quite well.


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  1. Thank you for not smearing her. But is it possible that what you know or said is not positive was the result of her being in a bad situation in the prior job you mentioned? For what its worth, she is very friendly and open in her webcam shows. And there are very few people you can say that of.

    Please dont think I'm against you though. The other stuff you have written here is a huge turn-on. I wish there were pics to go along with it.